Make Your Family’s Oral Histories

There is so much we can learn from those we love. Did you know that your parents’ lives, and those of your grandparents and aunts and uncles, are part of history? How cool is that? What would it be like to interview your own family members to learn about what it was like:

  • During the depression
  • To live during World War II or the Korean War
  • To live without a computer, a smart phone or the Internet
  • To ride a horse or a bicycle to work or school
  • To learn how your parents met
  • To experience man walking on the moon
  • To live through 9/11

Depending on their age or life experience, your parents or other older family members, probably have incredible stories to share. Learn how to interview them and create an Oral History, and it will be like traveling back in time.

Here are some websites you and your parents can use, or get help from your teacher, to create some amazing Oral Histories.