The Galena Generals

The Galena Generals

galenagenerals1The Galena Generals Mission Statement

“The mission of the Galena Generals is to provide historic representation of the nine Civil War Generals who were from Galena and the Galena area. In doing so, we will portray each General as they were during the time of the Civil War. We will research each General to maintain a correct and accurate portrayal to the best of our ability. We will provide historic information to the public as we attend public functions such as parades, public gatherings, also walking the streets in our community and other communities in our general area. We will maintain proper attire and also conduct ourselves in a superior manner.”            Sincerely, The Galena Generals

Since the 1961 Civil War centennial, a dedicated group of Galenians have donned period uniforms, polished boots, and sabers to commemorate the city’s nine generals. At parades, festivals and special events throughout the Midwest, the Nine Galena Generals delight and educate the public about a critical time in our nation’s history.


galenageneral5Galena was home to Congressman Elihu Washburne, the senior Republican in the U.S. House of Representatives and one of its most influential members. He was instrumental in furthering the military, and later political, career of U.S. Grant and other military men from the Galena area.

cannon in grantpark  with the Generals

Our Galena citizens today represent with pride  Augustus Louis Chetlain, John Oliver Duer,  Ulysses Simpson Grant, Jasper Adalmorn Maltby, Ely Samuel Parker, John Aaron Rawlins, William Rueben Rowley, John Corson Smith, John Eugene Smith. On some special occasions the generals are accompanied by their wives as well.The Generals’  Parade season always starts off with the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Put it on your calendar and support our men in blue. If the weather cooperates you might even catch a glimpse over the holidays.galenagenerals2