The Fight For Suffrage will cover the movement for women to gain the right to vote in a temporary exhibit at the Galena & U.S. Grant Museum at 211 S. Bench Street. The exhibit will be open through 2020.

Curator and Director of Outreach and Education Shelby Miller said Galena was a think tank for voting rights decades before the 19th amendment was ratified, granting women the right to vote. Volunteers Ronn Toebaas and Kris Chapman, who is also a Historical Society board member, and Miller have been sifting through artifacts once held by local leaders to help tell that story.

“Galena was a boom town where people came to campaign and change minds,” Miller said. “Women’s rights activists Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton also came to Galena to speak, make connections, and inspire local men and women to get involved in the movement.”

Archive materials from the museum collection, including early League of Women Voters materials, will be part of the exhibit. Suffrage continues to be a relevant topic today, Miller added.

“Voting rights continue to be a hot topic of debate – including everything from felon voting rights to paper versus computer ballets to election security,” Miller said. “We look forward to bringing a snapshot of this centuries-long fight to you with this exhibit.”

The exhibit will explain the fight, along with an examination of voting rights history in the United States from 1776 to today. A document adjacent to the Alice Toebaas Memorial room, where the exhibit will be held, will feature a timeline of voting rights laws.