Early Maps of Galena and Illinois – Temporary Exhibit

Cartography (the drawing of maps) can provide insight into the settlement, growth, demographics and daily life of a region, as well as the movement of populations within that area. This temporary museum exhibit uses many maps as the basis for a fresh examination of Galena as seen through the eyes of the cartographers of the day.

Guests attending the 2016 Winter Program Series study maps in the display.

Exhibit themes include: 1) surveying and settlement of the state; 2) land and water transportation to and from northwest Illinois; 3) lead mining in Illinois; 4) life’s hardships on the old frontier; and 5) mapping as a discipline into the modern age.

Map showing a very early version of the State of Illinois.

Complementary artifacts from the museum collection — a metal printing plate used to replicate a city map for use in the public sector, a series of county plat maps, and other images and items — add context to the overarching themes.

The exhibit features antique maps from the collection of Dan Loescher of Rockford, Ill., some of which he has donated to the Galena Historical Society and others that are on loan.

“Dan’s involvement and generosity have made this exhibit possible,” Curator Ray Werner says. “He has a keen appreciation for the history of this region, especially as it has been conveyed through maps. The items he has shared with us are of the highest quality and historical significance, and are worthy of an exhibit in the museum.”

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Map Exhibit on the second floor