Edward Kittoe Galena’s Famous Civil War Surgeon

Dr. Edward Kittoe is not one of Galena’s Civil War generals but his importance to the war effort was far greater than that of many of his celebrated neighbors. He served on U.S. Grant’s personal staff and later on Sherman’s Georgia campaign. It was Kittoe who worked to institute more sanitary conditions and better medical procedures during the war. His efforts probably saved thousands of lives.

Dr. Kittoe quietly returned to Galena after the war, continuing to serve his town as a beloved family physician until his death in 1887.

Edward Dominicus Kittoe

* Born June 20, 1814. Woolwich, Kent, England
* Emigrated to U.S. at age 18
* Graduated Pennsylvania Medical College
* Removed to Galena to practice medicine, 1851
* Appointed Regimental Surgeon of 45th Illinois Infantry, August 1861
* Promoted Surgeon of Volunteers, December 1862
* Promoted to successive ranks of Major and Lieutenant Colonel
* Placed on personal staff of U.S. Grant, October 1863
* Appointed Medical Inspector for Department of the Cumberland, February 1864, and Medical Inspector (USA), April 1864
* Medical director of the Army of the Tennessee during Sherman’s Georgia campaign
* Brevetted colonel, for faithful and meritorious services, June 1867
* Died in Galena, September 29, 1887; buried in Galena